Saturday, April 5, 2014

Now to Guatemala

Thursday April 10th I arrived in Guatemala.  It's actually my second trip there.  In the late '70s a friend of mine John and I drove an old truck from LA to Guatemala.  It was being donated to a school there.

This time I'm going to be in the west side of the country.
 I flew to Guatemala City, and took 2 buses to Retalbuleu.  It was about a 5 hour ride (after two flights to Guatemala City!) Betsy and and her partner Hamilton manage the resort there called Hotel Costa Real.
The resort is pretty cool!  When I'm in town,  I'll have my own room and free use of the restaurant.

Betsy and Hamilton also own a large cattle ranch.  The ranch is about an hour from the resort.

The ranch is off the grid.  It's a working cattle ranch but they have horses available for tourists.  We're going there on Monday (4/14) My job there will be training the dude horses and taking folks out riding.  My two most favorite things.
Another adventure begins!

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